About Us

Dr. Seifert's Clinics

Dr. Seifert's Clinic is a healthcare community that seeks to be excellent in every dimension of medical care. We treat our patients with dignity, respect, and provide them with the highest quality of care. Our staff is warm and friendly and we do our best to make you feel comfortable during any treatment you may be seeking from our variety of specialities.

Providing you with the best doctors & staff for the best care

Dr. Walter Seifert

Watler Seifert M.D. has worked with Internal Medicine, Addiction Therapy, and Pain Therapy for over 15 years brining experience and expertise to every case.

Dr. Sonia Ramirez-Seifert

Sonia Ramirez-Seifert M.D. has worked with Integrative Medicine and Internal Medicine for over 15 years and she provides the compassion and education patients seek. 

Eric Nieves 

Eric is the Office Manager and holds a DHA in Business. He works with the business details of the clinic providing patients and business partners with the most up to date information avaiable.